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Thursday, 11 November 2010, 6 p.m., Edinburgh
The Costs of Renewable Energy and How Oil Industry Experience Can Help to Reduce Them

John Aldersey-Williams, Director (SeaEnergy PLC) and Management Consultant, SeaEnergy PLC, Redfield Consulting

Sponsorship is provided by and Scottish Oil Club (Students).Wood Mackenzie,

This event occurred on: Thursday, 11 November 2010, 6 p.m.

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John will cover the economics of renewable energy sources, and the financial support mechanisms in place. Then he will go onto how the experience curve might suggest these costs will fall as greater volumes are installed, and he'll finish up by setting out some specifics of how the offshore oil and gas industry's experience can help to achieve this.


John Aldersey-Williams has worked in the energy business for 25 years and in renewables since 2001. Originally in technical roles, he graduated with an MBA in 1990 and moved into commercial and financial positions, where he became Texaco?s Finance Director in its Aberdeen business unit. In 2001, he founded Redfield Consulting Limited, a consultancy offering commercial, strategic and economic advice to companies across the zero-carbon energy space. Redfield has advised public and private sector clients in wind and marine energy, as well as in carbon capture and storage and policy areas. He was involved from the beginning of SeaEnergy, building the business plan with the Chief Executive and working with investors and partners to develop the business. He was also a Director of the European Marine Energy Centre from 2005-2009.

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