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Thursday, 19 May 2011, 6 p.m., Edinburgh
Rediscovering the North Sea

Tim Davies, Exploration Manager, Premier Oil Plc

Sponsorship is provided by and Scottish Oil Club (Students).Wood Mackenzie,

This event occurred on: Thursday, 19 May 2011, 6 p.m.


Funding for student participation from member universities provided by Scottish Oil Club.



Tim has spent the majority of his career working in international new ventures and his view of the Central Graben and North Sea was of a mature basin with high well density and little running room left for green field exploration. Having moved back to the North Sea with Premier Oil, he has been amazed by the scale of opportunities that remain and the constant surprises that Premier keeps encountering. Tim hopes to walk through the North Sea stratigraphy using prospects and discoveries in the Premier portfolio to show opportunities currently being explored as well as giving his perception of the remaining exploration potential in what is one of the world’s most prolific hydrocarbon provinces. He also hopes to show that however sure we are of our understanding of the area, there remains the potential for surprises - like the Catcher discoveries - and that further opportunities still exist, not only for agile explorers, but larger companies seeking new methods and development solutions to re-energise the ageing infrastructure in the North Sea.


Tim Davies has over 15 years experience in the oil and gas industry, primarily as an Exploration Geologist working new ventures and latterly as Exploration Manager for Premier’s North Sea business unit looking after both UK and Norway sectors. After graduating with a PhD in Turbidity Current Processes in 1995 from the University of Wales in Cardiff, he joined Conoco in its Atlantic Margin group evaluating opportunities in the Faeroe Shetland Basin and White Zone. In 1998 he moved to Amerada Hess as a Senior Exploration Geologist in the international new ventures group. During this period he worked on worldwide opportunities including the Barents Sea, Caspian, North Africa, West Africa, and South East Asia and wrote two regional reports on Algeria and Borneo that were used to evolve and develop acreage position in these countries. He also chaired the Mediterranean, Middle East and Africa scout group from 1999 – 2001. Tim joined Premier Oil in 2002 initially working on new ventures in West Africa, looking at acreage from Morocco to South Africa. In the course of the next three years over 100 opportunities were screened and evaluated helping to build Premier’s position along this highly competitive margin. In 2005 Tim became the Exploration Manager for Premier’s North Sea business unit looking after both the UK and Norwegian sectors. The OilExco acquisition step changed Premier’s position and commitment to the North Sea and underpins his talk ‘Rediscovering the North Sea’ which hopes to show that far from being a plateaued mature basin, there remains a lot of opportunities in the North Sea for creative explorers and developers.

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