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Cookie Policy

Within the meaning of EU cookie law (European Directive 2009/136/EC Article 5(3) of the E-Privacy Directive), we are obliged to comply with regulations of the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO). UK websites now must provide visitors with sufficient information to make a decision on whether they are happy to for a "cookie" to be placed on their device before placing a cookie".

A "cookie" is a long-time standard part of internet browser technology. It is a small file created by the website and which is then downloaded to the device when the user accesses a web site that uses cookies. Information in the cookie is sent back to the originating web site on subsequent visits. Internet browsers are designed to handle cookies, including functionality for the user to block and/or delete cookies. Cookies are useful becuase they allow a web site to recognise the users's device.

We understand that the Information Commissioner's Office has indicated that it is acceptable for web sites to assume users have consented to their use. Despite this, we also use a cookie control provided by Civic (see below).

This web site of the Scottish Oil Club uses cookies, as described below, and we assume you have implied your consent to use cookies by your using this web site. If you do not wish to receive cookies from this web site, please do not use this web site or configure your web site browser to not accept cookies from this web site.

This web site does not use cookies to gather information about your browsing habits nor to push advertisements to you. We use cookies only within the contents of using Google Analytics to provide us statistics on use of this web site. These coookies cannot indentify you individually.

This notice has been made necessary by a European Commission directive that confuses a goal (securing web user's privacy) with a technology (cookies).

We use a the Cookie Control provided by CIVIC, an Edinburgh-based web development and internet marketing company. This web site control, which you will see on the bottom corner of your screen one-time, enables the SOC to remain in compliance with UK and EU law on broswer cookies.

See the ICO's Guidance (PDF Download) if you wish read more about cookies and the UK/EU legislation.

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